Renee's Books

Press Printed
I have had the opportunity to produce two books that contain artwork and the stories behind the inspiration for art exhibits: “Our Creature Comforts” and “Road Trip, impressions of a memory”.
Creature Comforts is the title of a two-woman show I did with fellow artist and friend, Suzanne Clements in September 2006. The artwork portrays the “creatures” in our lives and their impact they on us.
Road Trip, impressions of a memory, is a book that includes the artwork and stories inspired by a roadtrip I took with my 87 year old father and my 18 year old son. It explores my father’s childhood memories growing up in the mountains of West Virgina and Kentucky.
The exhibit included 27 art works; a combination of paintings and monoprints.

I love books! The handmade books are originals, filled with layers of paint and paper and "special things" I have found and saved over the years...items that I couldn't throw away because I knew there would be a later need for them. These books take lots of time to make...each page is inspired by all the wonderful things of nature with lots of whimsy mixed in for good measure.