Guardian, mixed-media 36”x36” on cradled board
The Guardian depicts a young woman serving her natural environment as guardian… overseer, protector. The crows in the piece depict the wisdom and knowledge in the animal kingdom; perhaps the “guardian” referred to in the title is also the crow.

my  "mixed-media" process incorporates painting, printmaking and collage. I use stencils, stamps, bubblewrap, all kinds of found textures to print my paper using acrylic paint, alcohol and permanent inks. Once I have lots of printed papers available, I begin the composition of the artwork. I tear up the printed paper and use bits and pieces to compose with. I use paint to glaze in shadows, skin tones... whatever the piece needs to complete it.  I LOVE all the steps it takes to create these pieces.

The cradled board is left in an natural wood state. It does not require framing. 

$1,600.00 USD
  • Guardian